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Thy cover sells the book.

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Science Fiction +
+ Horror / Fantasy

Thy illustration tells the story.

Storytelling with visual language
NOS4A2 book cover.png
NOS4A2 book cover 3d.png
Zapach Szkla book cover front.png
Zapach Szkla book cover front 3d.png
Weird book cover front.png
Weird book cover 3d.png
Tygiel Dusz book cover.png
Tygiel Dusz book cover 3d.png
Horns book cover.png
Horns book cover 3d.png

Peter Watts

I am trying to think of cover art for any of my works that I like better than this. I am coming up blank. This is amazing"
(personal entry on Dark Crayon FB fanpage)

Joe Hill

"They are so hot. They look tremendous. Some of the best book covers I've had yet"

(2021 interview)

Joe Abercrombie

“I do dig these new Polish Covers of the First Law books”

Image by Jason Dent

Thy design adjusts the mood.

Information served the aesthetic way
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Thy Cover

fancy 3D 

proper space for your "Lorem Ipsum"

illustration for the mood

#  dd3635

the  color!

C  6       
M  89       
Y  79       

R  221       
G  54       
B  53

P  485 C

texture for close encounters

why not? It's WeiRd

eye catcher for smaller parts of typography

social media visualisation

Interesting typography

small details

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